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What’s the #1 threat to your sales productivity?

Answer: No clearly defined process to convert prospects into buyers.

Or, to put it bluntly, your follow-up sucks!

In times like these, a seller’s market, you might not think that a process is needed. You might be selling everything you have and scrambling to get more inventory to sell. However, yes, even now, a streamlined process for following up on leads that you can’t sell today can put more money in your pocket. A lot more.

How? Consider this example: A couple comes in and tours your model. They love what they see, but are at least a year away from beginning the homebuying process when she retires. What will you do to keep their fire burning for the next 12 months? If you don’t have an answer, a process that you can apply immediately, you’ll likely never see them again.

Or, consider the online lead — the person that requests a quote or floorplan from your website. What is your process for getting them off of their couch and into your model home so you can sell them? If you’re waiting for them to take action on their own, you may be waiting a long, long time.

The sad fact is that 75% of businesses do not have a well-defined and functioning process for lead follow-up and nurturing. This leaves keeping in touch with long-term buyers hit or miss at best, and in most cases, no communication at all. And the cost: lost revenue. Experts assert that without a good follow-up program you are losing more sales than you are making — as much as 2-to-1.

What would a 300% increase in sales mean for your bottom line?

The solution: use an automated contact management system to build processes that keep every prospect engaged and moving forward, no matter where they are in the buying process. (Yes, buyers have a well-defined process, another reason why you should too!)

With an automated follow-up process, the online prospect continues to receive irresistible invitations to come and visit your sales center to see for themselves how awesome your homes are. And the future retiree gets periodic reminders of what retirement will look like for them from the comfort of their brand new home.

And here’s the beauty of automating these processes: They always happen the way they should, and it doesn’t require any time from you or your sales team until the buyer is qualified and ready for your attention. That leaves more time for selling to today’s buyers without sacrificing tomorrow’s sales.

We designed MhCRM to automate industry best practices for follow-up, lead management, sales management, forecasting, and reporting. And we built it with the singular objective of helping our clients close more sales. Schedule a tour of MhCRM to see how it can help your team become more productive today.

Scott Stroud

Scott Stroud

Scott Stroud is CRM Program Director for MhCRM, the only automated CRM for the MH industry. Scott is the co-author of Managing Your Business With 7 Key Numbers, available at BuilderBooks.com, and The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling New Homes. Scott is a regular speaker at MH national and state events and a key contributor to LearnMH.com. He can be reached at scott@mhcrm.com or at (606) 416-2078.
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