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It is a scary time to be a homebuyer. Media reports tell buyers that home prices are outrageously high; that interest rates are through the roof; that the economy is collapsing – that the sky is falling, and the world is going to end!

So, it’s no wonder homebuyers approach you with fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. The good news is that if someone comes into your model home today, they are actively looking to improve their lives. But helping them overcome the fear of action will take patience, empathy, and time.  

As a sales trainer, Myers Barnes puts it, “As a new home sales professional, it’s your job to educate a buyer. You respond to their questions — not spontaneously reacting — and guide them to the right home choice. Convert uncertainty to certainty, and you will close the sale for a happy homebuyer.”

Did you catch what he said? “It’s your job to educate the buyer. Respond to their questions… Guide them… Convert uncertainty to certainty.”

When we listen and respond to questions, digging deep enough to know what they are really asking and why that is important to them, then we know what answers they need and can educate them – giving them the information they need to make the right choice. And we convert uncertainty into certainty by showing them how their purchase will give them the quality of life that they are looking for, giving them the confidence to move forward.

Confidence comes when you answer their three fundamental and often unasked questions:

  • Can I afford this?
  • Will I love this?
  • What do I do next?
Scott Stroud

Scott Stroud

Scott Stroud is CRM Program Director for MhCRM, the only automated CRM for the MH industry. Scott is the co-author of Managing Your Business With 7 Key Numbers, available at, and The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling New Homes. Scott is a regular speaker at MH national and state events and a key contributor to He can be reached at or at (606) 416-2078.
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